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The largest forum during SF Blockchain Week
October 8-9, 2018
Hilton Union Square
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An anchor event
during SF Blockchain Week

Past Speakers

Tim Draper

Founder at Draper Associates, DFJ, Draper University

Michael Arrington

Founder at Arrington XRP Capital, Founder at TechCrunch

Vinny Lingham​

Co-founder & CEO at Civic.com, Board Member at Bitcoin Foundation

Edith Yeung

Partner at 500 Startups (Greater China)

Bill O’Connor

Innovation Strategist and Founder of Autodesk Innovation Genome

Eric Ly

Founder & CEO at Hub, Co-Founder at LinkedIn

Atsushi Hisatsumi


Miko Matsumura

Founder Evercoin Exchange & ICO Advisor

Jeremy Gardner

Co-Founder of Ausum Ventures, Co-Founder of Augur

Sam De Brouwer

Co-founder & COO at doc.ai, Serial Entrepreneur

Jackson Palmer

Inventor of Cryptocurrency Dogecoin

Heidi Yu

CEO & Founder of Boostinsider and BOOSTO

Bill Barhydt

Co-Founder, Board Member & Chief Executive Officer at ABRA

Marwan Forzley

CEO at Veem

Steve Polsky

Founder & CEO at Juvo, Serial Entrepreneur

Michael Dunworth

CEO at Wyre, Inc

Julian Zegelman

Crypto Corporate Attorney & Partner at Velton Zegelman

John Paton

Chairman & Managing Partner IVA Ventures

Ryan Singer

Co-Founder at Chia Network, COO at Tradehill, Largest American Bitcoin Exchange

Susanto Irwan

Founder & Vice President of Engineering at Xage

Joshua Goldbard

Co-founder, MobileCoin, partner, Crypto Lotus Hedge Fund

Reese Jones

Associate Founder at Singularity University

Timo Lehes

Co-founder & Partner at Swarm Fund - Blockchain for Private Equity

Dave Jevans

CEO at CipherTrace, & Chairman Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG)

Bruce Graham

Si Valley startup guy since 1982 / Investor / Advisor

Lindsey Maule

 CEO and Managing Partner of Luna Capital

Marquesa Finch

Co-Founder, Managing Partner at P2Health Ventures

Xiahong Lin

Founder at Bodhi Prediction Market and CEO at Ockchain

Radhika Iyengar-Emens

Managing Partner of DoubleNova Group, Digital Health and Blockchain Expert

Tony Rose

Founder and CEO of Airwaze, and Blockchain Advisor to Juvo

Jorden Woods

Blockchain & ICO Expert, Crypto Fund Investor

Elvina Kamalova

 Director of Growth at Blockmason

Danny Yang

Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Blockseer

Josh Fraser

Co-Founder at Origin

Kyle DuPont

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Stewart Dennis

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Gurvinder Ahluwalia

CEO Digital Twin Labs, Former CTO IBM Blockchain IoT Cloud

Shahin Farshchi

Empowering entrepreneurs as a VC at Lux Capital

Tarun Gaur

Angel Investor, Serial Entrepreneur, Technologist

Matt Galligan

Co-Founder and CEO of Interchange, Co-Founder and CEO of The Picks and Shovels

Chen Wang

CTO/Crypto Design Architect of BOOSTO.io

Andrew Yang

CEO of Authenticiti

Julian Smith

Founder, CEO Blockfreight™ [BFT:XCP]

Max Fang

President of Blockchain at Berkeley

Henry Fan

Managing Director at Crossvine Capital

Alex Man

Managing Director & Co-Founder at Nousplatform

Andrey Verbitsky

Tokenomics Expert / Token Architect at dApp Builder

Markus Levin

Co-founder at XYO Network

Jason Velez

Founder and CEO at 1LAW

Andrian Galkin

Co-founder and COO of Storiqa

Paul Lamb

Nonprofit Consultant & Social Entrepreneur, Principal at Man On A Mission Consulting

Garrett Ochs

Co-Founder & Chief at Otto Robotics, R&D Senior Engineer at Occulus

Gary Fowler

CEO of DY Investments, CEO & Co-Founder at Findo

Josh Constine

Editor-at-Large at TechCrunch

Alex Prokhorov

Co-Founder of Well, Venture Partner at Finsight Ventures

Mike Brusov

Co-Founder and CEO of Cindicator

Darren Marble

CEO, CrowdfundX | Reg A+ IPOs | Compliant ICOs

Alex Linebrink

Founder & CEO at PassageX

Douglas C. Mackbee

Chief Platform Architect for the California Access to Capital Platform

Michael Chin

Chairman & CEO of BlockMason

Stani Kulechov

CEO of Ethlend

Charles Silver

Chairman & CEO at Algebraix

John McCorvey

CEO at Stonegate Digital

Philipp von Holtzendorff-Fehling

Co-Founder at Conscious Choice Ecosystem, Partner at Token Media Group

Jonathan Nelson

CEO & Founder at Hackers / Founder, MD at the HACK Fund, SEC Board of Advisors

Juwan Lee 

Founder & CEO at NexChange, Co-founder Arrakis Ventures, Arrakis, HK Blockchain Center

Sohrob Farudi

CEO at Fan Controlled Football League (FCFL), FANchise - Blockchain

Matteo Zago

President at The Internet of Blockchains Foundation, Founder at Essentia One

Jonathan Wilson

Skycoin, Marketing Strategist

Rob Paone

Creator at Crypto Bobby, Advisory Lead at AirSwap

Julie Wang

Chief Evangelist & Co-Founder at CarBlock Foundation

Xie Heng

Project Manager at AI Innovation Japan

Neal Reiter

Head of Product, IdentityMind Global

Salim Ali

CEO, Investor, Blockchain Advisor, Startup Advisory Board

Hunter Horsley

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Adam S. Juratovac

Attorney at Juratovac Law

Ari Shpanya

Founder of Slice, Zent, and Advisor at Propy

Vishal Gupta

Founder & Inventor - Diro Labs

Alex Fedosseev

CEO & Founder at 1World Online and Mentor at Google LaunchPad

Jason Hsu

Legislator and Congressmen ("Crypto Congressmen") Taiwan, Republic of China

Michael Terpin

Founder and CEO of Transform Group and General Partner at Alphabit Fund

Ragnar Lifthrasir

Founder of velox.RE and International Blockchain Real Estate Association (IBREA)

Kyle Ellicott

Advisor Hoard Invest, Founder at RW Labs

Sonny Singh

Chief Commercial Officer at BitPay

Daniel Wolfe

CEO & Co-Founder at Tradingene

Nathan Nichols

CEO and Co-Founder at TaxToken

Steven Staley

CEO at Gravity Network

Ilya Volkov

Co-founder of YouToken

Andrii Zamovsky

Founder and chairman of Ambisafe

Alfredo Silva

Partner at Morrison Foerster, Corporate Counsel to Startups

Eric Spire

CEO - General Partner at Volos Group LLC

Bruce Elliott

ICOx innovations / KODAKOne

Kate Mitselmakher

Venture Capital, Private Equity & Start-ups

Daya Baran

Founder at VEEVCoin

Dan Goldman

Vice President, Business Development at Cryptalgo

Damian Fraimorice

GM, Scrybe at StartApp

Dr. Michael Garbade

Founder & CEO LiveEdu

Iskander Karimov

CEO, Co-Founder at ShipIt

Samit Singh

Co-Founder at DNN

Kim Rom

Private Equity IT Expert

Matthew Lally

Founder at Pitch Investors Live

Sandy Selman

Co-Founder of CPROP

Tony Lorge

CEO at SuccessLife

Keith Teare

Executive Chairman at Accelerated Digital Ventures

Alex Rusnak

Founding Partner at ScaleUp Crypto Capital, Co-founder at IOTBlock.io, and Technical advisor at 0chain.net

Kingsley Advani

Founder & General Partner at Chainfund Capital

Hsin-Ju Chuang

former Head of Growth at Stellar

Tony Tran

Co-Founder and CTO at BeeToken

Lily Liu

Co-Founder of Earn.com

Bill Reichert

Managing Partner, Garage Technology Ventures

Michael Hughes

Sr Director at Indiegogo

Matthew Loughran

ICO Media & PR Consultant Token Sale Strategist | Head of Crypto - Verma Media

Michael Gasiorek

Founder of Truth Cartel

Stephen Meade

CEO/Founder at MonetaPro

Oliver Isaacs

Blockchain Investor, Advisor, Influencer

William Uicker

Stonegate Digital - Analyst

Shuonan Chen

General Partner at Agile VC

Doug Karr

CEO, HardFork Entertainment

Phil Glaeser

Co-Founder & COO at Honey Inc, COO at VEEVCoin

Victor Sazhin

Founder at CryptoPicture, Photo Lab

Hans Hartman

Founder, Suite 48 Analytics Advisor & Ambassadeur, CryptoPicture

David Cohen

Advisor Hashgraph | Founder Dcntral.ai

Christopher Woodrow

CEO at MovieCoin

Mansoor Madhavji

Marketing and Content Expert for Cryptocurrency and Finance

Adam Weigold

Quantum Physicist, Blockchain Technologist, CEO at Cryptyk

Agenda topics

Two Incredible Days of Insightful

Crypto State of the Union
The future of cryptocurrency, the market will continue growing
Managing Crypto Portfolio
Golden rules of investment for a cryptocurrency portfolio
Initial Coin Offering
ICO Rating & Due Diligence Process, Legal Structure for Taxation in Borderless World
Rules of the Crypto Game
Pumps, Hypes, Signal, and Manipulations
Crypto Outlook
Getting on the Top Digital Currency Exchanges
Blockchain is the next $10B opportunity for banks. The Future Without Institutional
Transforming Global Healthcare with Blockchain
Real Estate
Disrupting Real Estate with Blockchain
Smart Cities
Creating Green and Livable environments
Global Tech
Blockchain Global Perspective: Stage Your Market Leadership Globally With Blockchain
Artificial Intelligence
Blockchain + AI: Catalyzing the Pace of Innovation
Smart Cars
Accelerating smart car solutions into the realm of perfection
Internet of Things
Blockchain and Internet of Trusted Things
Augmented Reality
Solving Business Pain Points with Blockchain

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